Wing Eyecare Offers ClearKone Lenses for Keratoconus

In 2010, SynergEyes introduced a new, award-winning contact lens, ClearKone®, that is dramatically improving the quality of life of keratoconus patients.  The technological breakthrough of the ClearKone hybrid contact lens is that the lens combines the comfort of a soft lens with the visual acuity of a hard lens. The lens offers all the benefits of rigid gas permeable (RGP) and soft contact lenses without any of the disadvantages for an overall GREAT contact lens experience.

SynergEyes has assembled a group of Preferred Providers who are eye doctors that specialize in contacts lenses for keratoconus.

With 11 locations in Ohio and Kentucky, Wing Eyecare offices are equipped with the latest technology in diagnostic and examination equipment. This allows them to provide their patients with the most thorough, comprehensive eye examination available. They do more than just provide patients with a prescription for vision correction, they thoroughly check the internal and external health of your eyes including tests for cataracts and glaucoma. Our doctors also check for the presence of corneal disorders, such as keratoconus, and will examine the retina to ensure proper health and continued good vision.

Call Wing Eyecare at one of their locations listed below to see if ClearKone lenses for keratoconus are right for you.

Beechmont (OH): (888) 274-9464

Cold Spring (KY): (859) 441-9464

Colrain (OH): (888) 274-9464

Florence (KY): (888) 274-9464

Hamilton (OH): (888) 274-9464

Hyde Park (OH): (888) 274-9464

Kenwood (OH): (888) 274-9464

Liberty Township (OH): (888) 274-9464

Mason/Loveland (OH): (888) 274-9464

Springdale/Glendale: (888) 274-9496

Western Hills: (888) 274-9464

Learn more about how ClearKone offers a new contact lens treatment option for keratoconus patients.