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Christian’s Keratoconus Story – “ClearKone Changed the Way I See Life”

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

My vision challenges began in junior high school when I started to wear glasses. Although my vision was fine at that time, things started to change when I entered high school. I began to notice that I wasn’t able to read the chalkboard. Even though I sat in the front row, I found it difficult and frustrating to read the teachers’ notes. I went back to my optometrist, who gave me another pair of glasses with a stronger prescription. Unfortunately, the new glasses only helped for a period of time. By the time I was in my junior year, my vision was a problem again. The new glasses no longer corrected my vision. I decided it was time to see a new optometrist. 

In my senior year of high school my new optometrist, Dr. Barry Leonard, diagnosed me with keratoconus. While I was glad to have found out the cause of my vision problems and learn that contact lenses could improve my eyesight, I could never have imagined the contradictions that came with contact lens wear. My doctor fit me in RGP lenses, which did improve my vision, but the lenses were so uncomfortable. My eyes were often irritated, so I would try to function without wearing the lenses. Unfortunately, my vision was so poor without them that I could not drive, see faces of friends at a distance, or read a book with small font. Keratoconus was truly affecting my daily activities!

Dr. Leonard then recommended that I try the ClearKone lens from SynergEyes. He explained that the rigid center would give me the visual acuity I needed, while the soft skirt would keep my eyes comfortable throughout the day. It sounded like a great option! As we began the fitting process, it was difficult for my lids to open wide enough for the lenses to be inserted. My eyes were so sensitive that my lids would close whenever the lens got near my eye. Thankfully, Dr. Leonard was very patient with me, and after many attempts, was able to insert the lenses.

Once I began wearing the lenses, I was amazed. My vision was clear and crisp, and the lenses were so comfortable that I could wear them all day long without irritation. It really was the best of both worlds!

I have now been wearing the lenses for several months, and my life has changed in so many ways. I can distinguish faces from a distance and see their expressions, which is so wonderful! I am also able to drive, use the computer, and read books with small font. I feel like I now have a normal life without the frustrations of poor vision. ClearKone lenses have truly changed the way I see life!

Cassidy’s Story – a Sharing Vision Grant Program Recipient

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Cassidy is one of the first recipients of the Sharing Vision Grant program, a program designed to provide the new hybrid contact lenses ClearKone® to patients who may otherwise not have access to this new contact lens technology.  Her story is below.


In year 2004, I was a recent high school graduate that was preparing to enter college during the fall. At the time I was wearing prescription glasses, my vision was fine and that was how I saw for most of my life. My vision was never particularly bad, but around the time I was introduced to the idea of PRK laser eye surgery. It was recommended to me and I welcomed it as a new change from glasses and a chance to improve my vision. I felt that it would help change my life for the better.

Four years had passed since then, I had graduated from college at the top of my class and my vision had sufficed well enough for me to do exceptional in school. It was however, during my senior in college that I noticed that my vision had changed. It was nothing drastic mind you, but it was a bit noticeable. All in all, I decided that it wasn’t too bad and so I paid it no mind. I was able to read, write, drive and function well enough. While I was at home from college, I had intended to study and prepare myself for medical school. But during the year that I had returned home, I noticed that my vision had taken a turn for the worse.

It started with just being unable to read from a distance to being unable to read up close. I had gone with soft lenses for a course of about five months. But they too had failed on me to the point where only my right eye was able to retain vision. I was shipped to various optometrists over the past year and each one was unable to fit me with a prescription. It was very upsetting to notice my vision beginning to deteriorate worse over a span of two months. I am unable to drive now. Everywhere I go I see afterimages and halos cast off of lights. But the worst feeling imaginable is being unable to distinguish my family’s faces and to see their expressions. I began to worry and think to myself, “How will I be able to focus in school if I am unable to see?” I have been told I have a prescription of 20/500 and I have all but given up hope of being able to see out of my left eye.

My mother had begun to worry whether or not if I would possibly go blind. She had set up and appointment with Dr. Gupta at UTMB. I was so surprised and amazed how she was able to fit me with a prescription! When I tried them on, I thought they would be like any other hard lenses that I had tried. It was the exact opposite! They were very comfortable and it was the first time I was able to see clearly in eight months and to see my father’s face. She had told me about the SynergEyes Sharing Vision Grant Program for ClearKone contact lenses. It was the most excitement I felt in a long time. I kept thinking that with these contact lenses I can continue to pursue my dreams of becoming a physician and giving back to the community. ClearKone lenses allow for a new change and impact my life for the better in ways I can not begin to imagine.