SynergEyes, Inc. Sponsors the National Keratoconus Foundation

San Diego, CA (January 5, 2013) – SynergEyes, Inc., the leader in hybrid contact lens technology, announced that it will continue to be a major sponsor of the National Keratoconus Foundation (NKCF), a Patient Outreach and Education Program of the non-profit organization Discovery Eye Foundation.

As the inventor of the first hybrid contact lens with FDA-clearance specifically designed for patients with keratoconus, SynergEyes supports the mission of the NKCF to improve the quality of life of persons with keratoconus by making educational material available to them, their families and their eye care professionals.

The new UltraHealth lens  by SynergEyes is specifically designed to restore vision to patients with keratoconus and other types of corneal irregularities.  Because the lens vaults over the cornea, there’s minimal risk of corneal scarring, making UltraHealth a healthy treatment option for keratoconus.  In addition, the soft skirt of the contact lens design provides all-day comfort and helps to center the lens over the visual axis to decrease visual distortions and provide superior vision. 

 As a part of the company’s sponsorship of the NKCF, the UltraHealth lens will be featured in two upcoming issues of the NKCF newsletter, and SynergEyes will sponsor three patient education seminars in 2013 to continue providing pertinent information to potential patient candidates.

 “The NKCF is an important source of information for keratoconus patients worldwide to learn about the disease and available vision correction options.  SynergEyes is proud to be a sponsor of the Foundation’s efforts to improve the quality of life for the thousands of people suffering with keratoconus.” said Louise Curcio, Director of Marketing for SynergEyes, Inc.

“The NKCF is pleased to have the continued support of SynergEyes, Inc.,” says NKCF Executive Director Catherine Warren, RN. “SynergEyes lenses address a wide spectrum of vision conditions and meet the needs of many keratoconus patients.”

For more information on keratoconus and the UltraHealth lens, visit The website provides a resource for patients and their families to learn about keratoconus and available treatment options. The site includes a blog with articles written by doctors specializing in keratoconus; informative sections such as Common Questions, Treatment Options and Hybrid Contact Lens Technology; and an interactive section called “Ask An Expert.”

The SynergEyes family of hybrid contact lenses with FDA market clearance includes UltraHealth, ClearKone® for keratoconus and irregular cornea patients; Duette™ for naturally occurring ametropia, targeting patients with astigmatism, current soft toric lens wearers, and patients demanding optimized vision; SynergEyes® Multifocal for presbyopia and SynergEyes® PS for post-surgery and post-trauma refractive errors.

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