Sharing Vision Grant Program

SynergEyes and their eye care partners will change the lives of keratoconus patients by giving them the opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have – great vision and all-day comfort. The UltraHealth lens by SynergEyes, can truly improve a person’s eyesight and in some cases have a dramatic affect on their daily lives.

We know, however, that there are people who have keratoconus or other irregular cornea conditions such as post-refractive surgery patients, that could benefit from UltraHealth, but due to a variety of circumstances are unable to afford the lenses. That is why SynergEyes created the Sharing Vision Grant Program.

How it Works  

The Sharing Vision Grant Program is a partnership between SynergEyes, an Independent Eye Care Professional and a patient.

Step 1. Prospective patients apply to the program online, sharing their vision story as to why they believe UltraHealth could positively improve their life and detail their financial hardship. The patient identifies the Doctor that will be fitting the lenses, who must also enroll in the program online.

If the patient currently does not have a Doctor, they can find a SynergEyes eye care professional that prescribes UltraHealth using the Doctor Locator on or, and ask them if they are willing to participate in the program.*

Step 2. SynergEyes will select candidates for the grant program based on a patient application process and confirm to the Doctor and patient who has been chosen as a recipient.

Step 3. SynergEyes will supply the Eye Care Professional a six month supply of lenses for each necessary eye free of charge. The Eye Care Professional will donate their professional contact lens fitting fees. The patient receives the lenses and contact lens fitting free of charge.

Step 4. Within two months of wear, the patient provides a video testimonial and completes a brief online survey on how UltraHealth has impacted their everyday life. Upon survey completion and receipt of video file, SynergEyes will send the remaining lenses to complete the patient’s annual supply.

If you would like participate in the Sharing Vision Grant Program click one of the links below to opt-in to the program.

Patients to submit an application click here

Eye Care Professionals to enroll click here

*Please Note: Locating an UltraHealth Eye Care Professional is subject to availability and in some cases we will be unable to help.