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“I saw for the first time – the world as it really looks”

“I have SynergEyes UltraHealth Contact Lens in both eyes. I have worn them daily at least 15 hours, even once 22 hours straight.

I have been wearing them now for over 6 months and my vision is superb, comfort supreme, not cloudy, not blurry, and no pain. I am 66 years old, was diagnosed with Keratoconus over 50 years ago, had a corneal transplant in my left eye 40 years ago, and still working great. I have only worn hard contact lenses (no glasses) my entire working life with a full career.

My words of wisdom to all you “Keratoconiacs” out there – “Your Fitter is your key to success!”

Theresa W.,   Age 66

The Story of Cassidy Randle – a Sharing Vision Grant Program Recipient

In year 2004, I was a recent high school graduate that was preparing to enter college during the fall. At the time I was wearing prescription glasses, my vision was fine and that was how I saw for most of my life. My vision was never particularly bad, but around the time I was introduced to the idea of PRK laser eye surgery. It was recommended to me and I welcomed it as a new change from glasses and a chance to improve my vision. I felt that it would help change my life for the better.

Four years had passed since then, I had graduated from college at the top of my class and my vision had sufficed well enough for me to do exceptional in school. It was however, during my senior in college that I noticed that my vision had changed. It was nothing drastic mind you, but it was a bit noticeable. All in all, I decided that it wasn’t too bad and so I paid it no mind. I was able to read, write, drive and function well enough. While I was at home from college, I had intended to study and prepare myself for medical school. But during the year that I had returned home, I noticed that my vision had taken a turn for the worse.

It started with just being unable to read from a distance to being unable to read up close. I had gone with soft lenses for a course of about five months. But they too had failed on me to the point where only my right eye was able to retain vision. I was shipped to various optometrists over the past year and each one was unable to fit me with a prescription. It was very upsetting to notice my vision beginning to deteriorate worse over a span of two months. I am unable to drive now. Everywhere I go I see afterimages and halos cast off of lights. But the worst feeling imaginable is being unable to distinguish my family’s faces and to see their expressions. I began to worry and think to myself, “How will I be able to focus in school if I am unable to see?” I have been told I have a prescription of 20/500 and I have all but given up hope of being able to see out of my left eye.

My mother had begun to worry whether or not if I would possibly go blind. She had set up and appointment with Dr. Gupta at UTMB. I was so surprised and amazed how she was able to fit me with a prescription! When I tried them on, I thought they would be like any other hard lenses that I had tried. It was the exact opposite! They were very comfortable and it was the first time I was able to see clearly in eight months and to see my father’s face. She had told me about the SynergEyes Sharing Vision Grant Program for ClearKone contact lenses. It was the most excitement I felt in a long time. I kept thinking that with these contact lenses I can continue to pursue my dreams of becoming a physician and giving back to the community. ClearKone lenses allow for a new change and impact my life for the better in ways I can not begin to imagine.

– Cassidy Randle, Texas

My vision went from 20/300 to 20/20

“I was pleasantly surprised the moment my doctor put ClearKone® on my eyes. I couldn’t even tell that they were on my eyes and they stayed right where they were supposed to, not popping out or shifting like past contacts I have tried. I went from 20/300 vision to 20/20. This is the best I have ever been able to see!”

– Erin Howard, Kentucky

Most comfortable lenses I have ever worn

Most comfortable lenses I have ever worn

“About seven years ago I was diagnosed with keratoconus. Since that time I have tried every type of contact lens with no positive result. I would only be able to sustain them for small periods of time, finding them to be too uncomfortable to bear. Recently my doctor fitted me in ClearKone® . I have to say they are the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn. I am able to wear them all day.”

– Eduardo Moreno, Florida

Great focus and incredible contrast.

“I have been wearing ClearKone® for a few months now and I’m very impressed at not only regaining great focus while having keratoconus, but also incredible contrast. All the usual keratoconus ‘smearing’ is gone. You have a great product!”

– Chris Peak

Without your product a corneal transplant is my only choice.

“I have kerataconus in both eyes, and for 18 years I’ve suffered through trying to have my vision corrected with glasses and regular soft contact lenses to no avail. SynergEyes lenses have changed my life. Thank you for making such an amazing product which has literally given me my vision back. Without your product a corneal transplant is my only choice.”

– Paul Belcher, Florida

The ghost images are gone!

“I want to tell you how amazing your lenses are. I have been wearing ClearKone since February. I was diagnosed with keratoconous 4 years ago. My regular soft lenses had become almost useless. These lenses have been a Godsend for me. The ghost images are gone!”

– Brian Coleman, New York

We knew that she was going to be successful

“RA is a 44 year old African-American female who has keratoconus and has worn GP lenses for most of her life. She was well acquainted with each of the challenges of GP wear. We switched her to UltraHealth at her last visit because even though she had habituated to her GP lenses, she just wanted to try something new.  Immediately upon insertion of the first UltraHealth trial lens, we knew that she was going to be successful.  She is now very thankful that her doctor is on the cutting edge and wanted to try something new.”

– Jefferey Sonsino, O.D.

Why had I put this off for so long?

“BW is a 25 year old white male who was newly diagnosed with keratoconus by an astute optometrist.  He was referred to me for fitting of contact lenses.  We discussed his options and given the comfort and stability offered by UltraHealth, he chose this route. A successful fit was achieved after one trial lens was inserted in the right eye and two in the left. He returned two weeks later for dispense and enjoyed the comfort and vision.  His comment at his next follow up visit was “why had I put this off for so long?” This is a patient who has become a patient for life after a very successful experience.”

– Jefferey Sonsino, O.D.

My life has changed dramatically.

Since wearing ClearKone® lenses my everyday life has changed dramatically. Every issue I had with my RGP’s has been rectified. No longer does dust, wind, or water affect my lifestyle. I have gained a sense of freedom. Above all else, my vision has improved and my lenses are much more stable and comfortable. With the ClearKone®, I am able to comfortably enjoy the benefits of hybrid lenses all day.

– Johnny Sledevick, California

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