New Technology Hybrid Contact Lens for Keratoconus

In 2010, SynergEyes introduced a new, award-winning contact lens, ClearKone®, that is dramatically improving the quality of life of keratoconus patients.  The technological breakthrough of the ClearKone hybrid contact lens is that the lens combines the comfort of a soft lens with the visual acuity of a hard lens. The lens offers all the benefits of rigid gas permeable (RGP) and soft contact lenses without any of the disadvantages for an overall GREAT contact lens experience.

SynergEyes has assembled a group of Preferred Providers who are eye doctors that specialize in contacts lenses for keratoconus.


The Alicia Valencia Eyecare Center in Laguna Hills specializes in adult eye care and has been specifically chosen and trained to fit the new ClearKone lenses.    They are a full-service optometry practice dedicated to providing high quality vision care. They offer comprehensive eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, vision therapy, treatment for eye diseases including keratoconus.

Visit Alicia Valencia Eyecare Center and find out how you can improve your keratoconus vision today.



Learn more about how ClearKone offers a new contact lens treatment option for keratoconus patients.