“My vision is totally amazing”

OMG!!!! My vision is totally amazing and it’s exciting that I can see so clearly. I can see the board at school and am getting less headaches working on the computer at work. It is incredible how great it makes me see and feel. I was squinting all the time and always had this look on my face in order to see and now the look is gone and I see wonderfully. Thank you for the opportunity to helping me get my eyesight back to where it should be. Thank you so much!!!!

ClearKone lenses have given me back my self-confidence and I am not so leary about being in public and I am no longer concerned about not being able to see the dosages on medications for my patients. It is super exciting to feel normal again!!

ClearKone are the most amazing lenses for Keratoconus patients and it will definitely change your life in the world of seeing!!

Michelle G., Connecticut – A 2013 Sharing Vision Grant Program Recipient