Lens Care Guide

Welcome to the hybrid lens care guide. We designed this guide to help make your transition to hybrid contact lenses as smooth as possible. Click on one of the categories below for answers to your questions.

How do I take care of my UltraHealth or ClearKone lenses?

It is important to clean your hybrid contact lenses daily to maintain the highest standards of comfort and visual clarity.

After you remove your lenses, at the end of the day, we recommend using a daily cleaner and digitally rubbing the lenses prior to storing for the night.

To care and clean for your ClearKone and UltraHealth lenses SynergEyes recommends:

1. Place the lens bowl-side up in the palm of your hand. Rinse your lenses with a daily cleaner approved for soft contact lenses. Never use tap water to rinse or store your lenses.

2. With the pad of your ring finger, gently rub the entire lens in a circular motion against the palm of your hand. Be sure to thoroughly clean the front and back of the lens and then rinse it well with a saline solution such as LacriPure from Menicon.

3. Store your lenses in either a hydrogen peroxide system OR multi-purpose disinfecting solution, as recommended by your eye care professional.

The recommended replacement schedule is every six months.

It is important that you always follow your eye care professional’s instructions. Based on your individual needs, your eye care professional may recommend a different replacement schedule.

Disinfection Systems: Use chemical (not heat) disinfection systems (Multi-Purpose or Hydrogen Peroxide* solutions), as recommended by your eye care professional.

Daily Cleaner: The standard of care for contact lenses recommends using a daily cleaner approved for soft contact lenses.

Rewetting Drops: If needed, use rewetting drops approved for soft contact lenses, as directed by your eye care practitioner.

If lenses have TangibleTM Hydra-PEG coating, alcohol-based or abrasive solutions should be avoided.

*In some patients the tear chemistry may react with the hydrogen peroxide to cause a permanent white ring at the junction of the rigid center and soft skirt. This ring does not affect vision or comfort.

How To Care For Your Lenses

How do I insert my UltraHealth or ClearKone® lenses?

1. Before you insert your lenses, thoroughly wash your hands with a mild, lanolin free soap and dry them with a clean, lint-free towel.

2. Fill the lens with preservative-free saline while holding it horizontally on an inserter OR by stabilizing the lens between your index and middle finger OR by using a tripod method. (inserters can be purchased via your eye care professional or

3. It is critical to fill the lens bowl completely to the TOP with saline to avoid insertion bubbles. The DMV inserter allows the completely filled lens to be well balanced so you can easily place the lens on the eye. You will know if you have an insertion bubble if the lens is uncomfortable or you notice an irregularity in your peripheral vision.

4. Lean forward and tuck your chin to your chest. Your nose should be perpendicular to the floor. It may be helpful to place a mirror flat on the counter to look into as you insert the lens.

5. Pull up on your upper eyelid by placing the fingers at the base of the lashes. Pull down on the lower lid with the ring finger of the hand holding the lens, and gently insert the lens.

6. As the saline is displaced, the lens will gently settle onto the surface of the eye. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO PUSH THE LENS TOO FORCEFULLY ONTO THE EYE or it will be uncomfortable.

How To Insert Your Lenses

How do I take out my hybrid contact lenses?

“Tissue Trainer” Method

First, practice removing your lenses with a tissue. The tissue should make removing these moist lenses easy, and can always be used as a “back-up” removal method if needed.

1. Place the tissue over your forefinger and thumb.

2. Using a strong narrow pinch, with the fingertips at the 5 and 7 o’clock positions on the lens, apply slight pressure; wait for a “1, 2” count and then roll fingertips together and back toward the palm of the hand.

DRY Finger “Pinch” Method

Once you are comfortable and confident using a tissue to remove your lenses, you can practice removing the lenses without the tissue, using a strong narrow pinch with very dry fingers (in place of the dry tissue).

1.  Make the “OK” sign with your thumb and forefinger and turn your hand until the circle is vertical.

2. Looking straight ahead or slightly up, place the pads of your fingers on the very bottom edge of the soft skirt of the lens, at the 5 & 7 o’clock position.

3. Using the pads of your fingers, not your fingernails, apply a firm enough pinch to cause the edge of the lens to buckle. This allows air to get beneath the soft skirt to release the lens from the surface of the eye. Slowly pull the bottom edge of the lens away from your eye.

4.  If your fingers become wet from removing the first lens, be sure to completely dry them again before removing the other lens.

How To Remove Your Lenses