“I was pretty much blind in my left eye”

When I first used UltraHealth lenses, it was like a new world because I realized how truly blind I was. With UltraHealth lenses, colors were brighter, and everything was more defined and clear. I drive for a living, so now I could see addresses without having to squint or second guess. The lenses have truly changed my life.

I deliver packages for a living, so it’s important to see addresses with ease from far away. Recently, I had to get a DOT Physical, so when I did the eye exam wearing UltraHealth lenses, they told me my vision was perfect. I could read all the letters without problems. In the past, I couldn’t see the biggest letter E. Now, wearing UltraHealth lenses, I could see it and more.

Get these lenses they will change your life!

IR (11/27/2016)