“My vision has improved dramatically”

My vision has improved dramatically, without the lenses I would not have visible sight at all. With ClearKone I see very clear and they are very comfortable. I see no blurriness and compared to other lenses these are much better. I see far and close without a struggle which is very satisfying.

Life hits you with different surprises every day, one of them was being told I have keratoconus. It really hit me and frightened me, because my eyesight without contacts is very bad and it’s only worsening. However, ever since I’ve always had hope that I can beat this struggle, especially after I found out I was receiving ClearKone lenses. After I received the lenses and put them on I noticed they were great, very comfortable and reliable. After a few weeks I was in love with how they felt.

Now I can provide for my family and daughter, my other wonderful life surprise. I work two jobs and these lenses feel very comfortable throughout the day, I can drive and I can play with my daughter. I am a hard worker and without these lenses I would not be able to provide for my family. I’m less stressed, depressed and worried. Overall I am a much happier person.

ClearKone lenses changes lives. They’re everything a person with keratoconus looks for in a contact lens.

Houstin., Missouri- A 2013 Sharing Vision Grant Program Recipient