Eye Doctor Testimonials

“The ClearKone® lens has revolutionized the way we fit patients with keratoconus. It represents “a quantum leap” improvement. Patients are ecstatic with the quick fitting process that results in a comfortable fit and excellent vision.”

– Robert L. Gordon, O.D.

“My patient had R-K surgery in 1994 in both eyes.  She lost her job as a nurse due to her vision loss and almost lost her home due to her income loss. Because of her poor vision, she was unable to drive to work at night. Now, she is wearing the ClearKone® lens successfully.  Ms. Jones is working again as a nurse and her life has returned to normal.Thanks to your efforts and the work SynergEyes is doing, you are affecting the lives of untold numbers of patients who have lost quality vision and comfort due to refractive eye surgery and keratoconus.”

– Dr. Ed Boshnick

“The ClearKone® lens affords excellent vision without the common lens irritation associated with rigid contact lens wear.   ClearKone® is designed so it doesn’t pop out unexpectedly which makes it desirable for those keratoconus patients leading active lifestyles.”

– Brian Chou, OD