Sharing Vision Grant Stories

The Sharing Vision Grant Program™ was created to bring hybrid contact lens technology to patients with keratoconus who may otherwise not have access. Below are the stories of the people whose lives have been positively changed by the program.

Christian’s Keratoconus Story – “ClearKone Changed the Way I See Life”

My vision challenges began in junior high school when I started to wear glasses. Although my vision was fine at that time, things started to change when I entered high school. I began to notice that I wasn’t able to read the chalkboard. Even though I sat in the front row, I found it difficult and frustrating to read the teachers’ notes. I went back to my optometrist, who gave me another pair of glasses with a stronger prescription.

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Cassidy’s Story – a Sharing Vision Grant Program Recipient

Cassidy is one of the first recipients of the Sharing Vision Grant program, a program designed to provide the new hybrid contact lenses ClearKone® to patients who may otherwise not have access to this new contact lens technology.  Her story is below.


In year 2004, I was a recent high school graduate that was preparing to enter college during the fall. At the time I was wearing prescription glasses, my vision was fine and that was how I saw for most of my life.

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