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“UltraHealth is the first contact lens I have been able to wear”

I can see the clouds in the sky and trees in the background. I can drive a lot safer, do work on my computer, and I’m planning to go back to school in January.

JD (12/5/2016)

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“I was pretty much blind in my left eye”

When I first used UltraHealth lenses, it was like a new world because I realized how truly blind I was. With UltraHealth lenses, colors were brighter, and everything was more defined and clear. I drive for a living, so now I could see addresses without having to squint or second guess. The lenses have truly changed my life.

I deliver packages for a living, so it’s important to see addresses with ease from far away.

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“My vision has improved”

My life has changed!

Now, I can finally see in my classroom and complete my assignments with ease. When I didn’t wear UltraHealth lenses, I could never recognize my surroundings, so I was vulnerable to the world.

I highly recommend UltraHealth lenses because if it can help me with my vision, then it can help others.

AC (9/14/2016)

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“It seems like I’m in a new world”

My vision has improved tremendously with UltraHealth lenses. It seems like I’m in a new world. I can see detail, fullness of color. I am so happy that I’ve been given this opportunity.

I can play basketball and shoot with precision. I can study, read and write without strain and for long periods of time. And I can drive a vehicle finally!!

To other keratoconus patients I would say try UltraHealth lenses because they will change your life as they changed mine.

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“UltraHealth lenses have changed my life completely”

My vision has improved tremendously. I can now read signs I couldn’t read and I am seeing things very clearly now. My life has changed in a major way. I no longer feel disabled. I feel positive and confident with myself again, this is something I haven’t felt in years.

UltraHealth lenses have changed my life completely. It took me a little while to get used to them but once I switched to Saline solution instead of the regular contact solution I am wearing my contacts without any problems.

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“UltraHealth lenses have worked wonders on my eyes. Now I don’t have to struggle to see or read.”

My vision is clearer now and I can see a lot better thanks to UltraHealth lenses. I now do not need to squint to see or read. Less headaches and I am able to see at night without any difficulty.

UltraHealth lenses have worked wonders on my eyes. Now I don’t have to struggle to see or read. I highly recommend these lenses to other keratoconus patients.

Sarah Y., Texas –

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“Your eyes feel the improvement as soon as you get the lenses”

My vision with UltraHealth lenses has improved big time! I’m able to see TV, read and use my computer without any problems. I’m able to see a lot better, am not wasting money with GP lenses that would fall out of my eye all the time and my eyes don’t get dry as fast.

UltraHealth are good lenses for keratoconus patients. Your eyes feel the improvement as soon as you get the lenses.

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“My vision is totally amazing”

OMG!!!! My vision is totally amazing and it’s exciting that I can see so clearly. I can see the board at school and am getting less headaches working on the computer at work. It is incredible how great it makes me see and feel. I was squinting all the time and always had this look on my face in order to see and now the look is gone and I see wonderfully. Thank you for the opportunity to helping me get my eyesight back to where it should be.

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“The soft skirt feels like you do not have the contacts in your eyes”

I can see far away at distance now. For example sitting in a dining room 20 feet away from the menu board, now I can read the menu board plainly.

Since I have been wearing ClearKone lenses I don’t worry so much about going blind, or having eye surgery knowing the contacts are keeping the cornea from going flat. I love not having to wear eyeglass all the time and that I can wear real sun glasses!

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“My vision has improved dramatically”

My vision has improved dramatically, without the lenses I would not have visible sight at all. With ClearKone I see very clear and they are very comfortable. I see no blurriness and compared to other lenses these are much better. I see far and close without a struggle which is very satisfying.

Life hits you with different surprises every day, one of them was being told I have keratoconus. It really hit me and frightened me,

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