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Introducing UltraHealth®

UltraHealth® is the only hybrid contact lens with highly breathable, healthy materials and an advanced lens design especially suited for patients with irregular cornea conditions.

UltraHealth® corrects vision problems, is healthy for your eyes and delivers good comfort too.

Hybrid Lens Handling and Care

Learn how to handle and care for your UltraHealth® and ClearKone® lenses.

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NKCF_SE_blueEveryday keratoconus patients are discovering that UltraHealth® and ClearKone® hybrid contact lenses can help provide healthy and refreshing vision correction, crystal clear vision and all-day comfort. If you have irregular corneas or keratoconus, ask your eye care practitioner today if UltraHealth® or ClearKone® hybrid contact lenses by SynergEyes® are right for you.

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